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If you want to engage with customers, supporters, or investors YOU NEED TO USE VIDEO! But, to get maximum impact from your video, you need to think -are you trying to attract people... or, do you want to engage with an already captive audience? 

Do you have a story to tell...or, do you need video to explain and showcase a unique new product? Green Man Media can cut through to your audience by matching the right video media to your needs. 

Read on for some of our top video tools.


Make a meaningful connection with your audience by sharing a Story

From 90 seconds to 10 min, Green Man Mini-Docs put the spotlight on what's important to you, your business and your clients.

In the context of a website, social media, or a corporate event, Green Man Mini-Docs act as a virtual 'meet & greet', allowing your audience to see 'behind the scenes', and get a feel for what sets your business apart.


A Launch Pad for fresh ideas, connecting Innovation with Investors

Great ideas deserve to flourish!
Are you an inventor? Innovator? Community Leader? In need of financial support to grow?
A Green Man Pitch Video can be your shortcut to success.
A well-produced video is an effective tool with which to attract investors, apply for funding, and connect with supporters.
Green Man Media creates affordable Pitch Videos that stand the test of the time - enquire now about creating an asset for your business endeavours that works well into the future.


Utilise experienced, equipped personnel based in regional Western Australia

Green Man Media Productions' small and relatable team are efficient and proactive.
This reliable crew can travel just about anywhere to capture footage or conduct interviews.
GMMP can provide day rates or tailored quotes for filming and editing.


Using sound and image to capture and create

Green Man can explore the real and the surreal, fiction and non-fiction, creating mood and tone through original mediascapes and careful curation of light and composition.
Think Music videos...Time Lapse...Audiovisual collage...Virtual Reality.
Work with Green Man Media Productions to discover new ways of communicating, learning and understanding.

Got an idea? want to grow it?

Green Man Media Productions is committed to helping other small businesses gain strength through effective multimedia communication.

If you have ideas, aspirations, goals or dreams, our vibrant young team can help you to achieve them.


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