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How to Get More Value Out of Your Video Production


Josephine Hayes


March 1, 2017

1. Hype it up!

Get maximum value out of your production by building up excitement before it goes live.
Get your staff involved in the excitement and utilise the scheduled filming session as a team building event.
Tantalise your online audience with a ‘watch this space’ comment, and build momentum before the big reveal.

2. Use it on multiple Platforms

Don’t just ‘have’ it, ‘use’ it!
Your website, online and newsletter and your Social Media pages should all be hosting your new video.
But think beyond the ‘virtual’ space.
Presentations, conferences, client meetings and trade shows are all opportunities to showcase your new professionally-crafted video production.
Make waves by engaging with your business tools and using them to your advantage.

3. Keep it fresh

A while on, bring your video back into focus with your online audience and work it in with a comment about your business’s strongest or most amiable attributes.
Talk to Green Man Media about updating your video with new information, or creating additional multimedia productions that compliment your original video.


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