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If you haven't yet realised just how important multimedia and audiovisual production are at events,
it may have been a long time since you've been to a good event!

When it comes to events, the Green Team works to promote, capture, archive and amaze.Read on for some insight into services and products that'll make your next event pop!


A well-produced video is a valuable ‘secret weapon’ at conferences, presentations and corporate events.

Video is an excellent way to present products and services, pitch ideas and give context to your event. Tailor made ‘explainer-vids’ or video overviews can be the most memorable thing about a presentation. So, take the sting out of communicating yourself, and let our professionally crafted videos do the talking for you.


Green Man Media Productions makes the difference!

Gone are the days of bland old Powerpoints, cluttered with text and crowded with pie charts. Green Man can collate your information clearly and creatively, making it far easier to engage with your audience.


Make your event last for longer, with expert live coverage!

Convert the highlights and successes of your event into a lasting impression that can be shared with event participants, sponsors, and associates. Green Man can help to honour the time and consideration that goes into your event planning, by capturing the event as it happens. Options include live streaming, highlight reels and more. Contact Green Man Media Productions to put your event in the best light.


Contact us for info about lighting, audio and visual displays at your next event.

Don't fudge it! Green Man Media Productions can assist with matching your event to the right gear, and the right technicians to ensure your next event AV is super smooth.

Got an idea? want to grow it?

Green Man Media Productions is committed to helping other small businesses gain strength through effective multimedia communication.

If you have ideas, aspirations, goals or dreams, our vibrant young team can help you to achieve them.


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