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From the most basic of rhythms, to the most complex of languages, what we hear affects how
we feel, remember and engage with communication.

Read on to learn how we can use sound and music to great effect.


Does my voice sound big in this?

Deep, commanding bass tones, captivating characters, authentically local lilts and soothing sweet-toned story-tellers. There's a whole world of variance between voices, all affecting the tonality of your new production.

Green Man records local voices and contracts artists worldwide to record your story in the most suitable of tones.


Capture markets beyond borders. Cast a message to a multi-lingual audience.

Green Man Media Productions can assist in translating your transcript, audio production, video production and more into a host of international languages.

Not only do we translate productions, but we can create new productions for international markets, factoring in cultural values and colloquial styles.

custom-made jingles

Drawing on the freshest Australian talent to bring melody to your message.

Did you know that most of the team here at Green Man plays at least one musical instrument? We're also fortunate enough to work with incredibly talented musicians who can craft all manner of amazing songs and sounds.

Green Man Media Productions can design jingles and soundtracks for any application.
Consider adding your own custom music bed to your creative communication toolkit.


Connect with your audience on a regular basis.

Make yourself cosy in our Campbell Rd studio and book a regular slot to record entertaining and engaging content for your audience. We can help produce, direct and edit your audio material, or just leave it to you to record in comfort.

Got an idea? want to grow it?

Green Man Media Productions is committed to helping other small businesses gain strength through effective multimedia communication.

If you have ideas, aspirations, goals or dreams, our vibrant young team can help you to achieve them.


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